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Ode to New Humanism

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Choral Symphony
21 Sept 2013
Statement by Mehri Madarshahi 

Madame President of the General Conference
Excellency Ambassador Yu of People Republic of China
Dr Han, wang xi and delegations of Shenzhen,
Ladies and Gentlemen

As a result of globalization process, we live today in what we can call a “global village” where we are facing many unknowns including how to share our economic, social resources and cultural values.

In this era the quest for the intellectual and moral solidarity of humankind has become an urgent imperative to build the foundations for sustainable peace and harmony...

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Eco Forum Global, Guiyang 2013 “Sustainable Development and role of Women Enterpreneurs”

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July 19, 2013
Speech by Mehri Madarshahi

Sustainable Development and role of Women Enterpreneurs

Sustainable development has been defined by the Brundtland Commission as “development which meets the needs of the present without jeopardizing the needs of future generations” This means economic growth that does not deplete irreplaceable resources, does not destroy ecological systems, and helps reduce some of the world’s gross social inequalities.

We are still far from achieving these goals.  Today, between a fifth and a quarter of the world’s population live in poverty, without adequate food, clothing and shelter.  90 % of these people are in developing countries ...

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World Chinese Super Model Contest held a press conference in Shanghai


via (Chinese)

“2013 Chinese Eastern United States • World Super Model Contest Press Conference And the signing ceremony “was held at the World Financial Center UNESCO Deputy Director General Strategic Development Representative met with the United Nations Messenger of Peace small and Vice Chairman Emeritus Fanguang Ling Ling Wen, etc.

(Baidu look: The United Nations Messenger of Peace little or login: )

July 18, 2013 morning, “2013 Chinese Eastern United States • World Super Model Contest press conference and signing ceremony” in Shanghai 100 Century Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai World Financial Center, 29th Floor Conference Hall was held.

(Miss Yang Chunling executive chairman of the organizing committee at the podium speech)

News conference at United ...

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18 July 2013
Shanghai, China
Opening speech by Mehri Madarshahi

In order to understand a fashion trend, we need to be aware of what will surround us in terms of our social and cultural way of living, climate change, resource shortages, population growth and other factors will shape the world of tomorrow and the future of the fashion industry within

The global fashion industry generates over a trillion dollars a year. So what we wear – and how it’s made and sold – can have a huge positive impact on our society and environment.

Popular culture, or pop culture is followed, understood and appreciated by a large audience...

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Music for Water Concert

Concert & Nomination UNESCO Good Will Ambassador TAN DUN 22 03 2013_20

March 22, 2013
Presented by Mehri Madarshahi

Ladies and Gentlemen
Misheman, shersheman,
Medames et Monsiurs

Good evening,
Ni hao

Ce soir, nous celebons trois occasions importantes: nouvelle an Persian  avec dl’arriver de Printempt,  la Journee International de l’eau et nomination de notre Maestro Tan Dun comme l’Ambassador de Bonne Volunte de l’UNESCO. Felcitation pour tous ca and merci d’tre aec nous

Given the importance of the day, Association Melody for Dialogue among Civilizations along with its partners have organized a magnificent concert all about Water and its importance for life.

Unfortunately all news are not good news and as we speak one out of seven persons in the world are suffering from shortage of drinking water and near...

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World Water Day Celebration at UNESCO


March 22, 2013
Paris, France
Presented by Mehri Madarshahi

The program tonight is all about water: a precious non-renewable source of life for today’s 7 billion inhabitant of earth. As we speak – nearly 1 billion people in the world are without access to fresh water! Concerns about water as a critical element for continuation of life has yet to capture our imaginations and the deserving headlines in newspapers and media reports.

With water demand exceeding water supplies, water shortage has become more prominent in many developed and developing countries. A global water shortage is looming high and more than 40 per cent of the world’s population are dealing with some form of water scarcity.

Climate change is adding new challenges to urban water management...

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International Conference on “Book Industries Facing the Challenges of the Future”

int conf.on future of books 2013

International Conference on “Book Industries Facing the Challenges of the Future”
1-2 March 2013
Shenzhen, China
Mehri Madarshahi

Are conventional book industries facing a revolution?

The Value of the Book
A Common and Shared Heritage of Humanity

The dynamics affecting books are at the centre of our concerns because the written word, the book, is an essential condition for the dissemination of the creations of human’s mind. This process is central to the development of cultures and civilizations. Books in their various forms have appeared on all continents, with two important sources of diffusion in the Euro-Arab world and China, where the tradition of writing and printing books has been continuously maintained for more than 25 centuries.

However, the modern landscape has an importan...

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Cultural Harmony and Dialogue (Shenzhen, China)


Bizet, but not only…
December 7, 2012

Shenzhen, China
Presented by Mehri Madarshahi

Mr. Wang Jingsheng, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Shenzhen, Madame Wu, honorable Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen, Respected leaders of Shenzhen, Mr. Du Yue, Secretary-General of the Chinese National Commission for UNESCO,

Ladies and Gentlemen,
dear Friends -

Tonight I am proud to present a unique multicultural concert as a gift to the City of Shenzhen and its people for whom I have developed a deep devotion and respect. Shenzhen is a city of cultural diversity and a city committeed to creativity, design and international cooperation. And so it is entirely appriopriate that this memorable event has been chosen to open the Creative City Month organised by Shenzhen.

Shenzhen has welcomed and integra...

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Art of Peace-Building and Reconciliation

Art of Peace-Building and Reconciliation
October 22, 2012 – October 24, 2012
Tokyo, Japan
Presented by Mehri Madarshahi

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Eco Forum Global, Guiyang 2012: Sustainable Water Management for Green growth: Raising awareness and challenges

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July 26, 2012
Guiyang, China
Presented by Mehri Madarshahi

Good afternoon – welcome to the third meeting organized by the Melody for Dialogue among Civilizations Association in collaboration with UNESCO on the challenges of sustainable water management for today and for the future.

Before beginning my presentation, let me take this opportunity and thank the organizers of the Guiyang Eco-Forum for their invitation. We are proud and honored to be part of this important event.

Our focus today is all about water: a precious non-renewable source of life for today’s 7 billion inhabitant of earth...

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